Full Personal Reading              $200 CAD + GST
One Category Readings           $125 CAD + GST

‘Do you want to know everything?’ From what I understand this question of mine is now famous… who would have thought that! Answering this question is what starts your reading… I will tell you, with good comes the bad… I believe if you a have come this far looking for answers… your first answer to this question should be yes.

I value the accuracy of the information provided regarding all areas of your life. I try to provide the psychic information in a compassionate, yet straightforward manner that enables you to move forward with your life. I say ‘try’ but sometimes the information is funny as hell and other times I will make you cry… My job is not to tell you what you want to hear, my job is to tell you what you NEED to hear and know in order to move forward in the best way possible.

‘My team of guides are perfect for getting your life on the right track.
The Doctor (my latest guide who stands on my right) provides information on your body: health, exercise, sex, food and medications.  Want to lose those unwanted pounds; what he has to say to you may be just the right help you have been looking for! While Myr (my second guide who stands on my left ) covers the rest of your life: love, money, work, new opportunities, family members and friends, adventures and travel, psychic abilities and much, much more.’ ~Gabrielle

Full Personal Reading              $200 CAD + GST

This 45 minute reading will cover a range of information that is presented to me. Full personal readings are conducted by telephone worldwide.  All readings are conducted by phone. Please DO NOT use Skype for your reading.

One Category Readings            $125 CAD + GST

Focusing on just one area of your life such as Relationships, Health, Personal Finance, Family or any single topic of your choice, this 15 minute reading will be dedicated to the one topic of YOUR choice. Gabrielle will not pick the one topic for you, sorry. Personal Finance does not include business planning.   All readings are conducted by phone. Please DO NOT use Skype for your reading.

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***I don’t do readings over Skype. I have difficulties with what I call a ‘time delay’ in the information, meaning it takes longer for me to connect with you through Skype compared to landlines or cell phones. In order to use your time with me to it’s fullest I recommend that you use a landline or cell phone for your reading.

Gift Certificates are available for all occasions.
Appointment Times (Pacific Time): Monday – Friday
Taxes applied to all services where applicable.
Sorry, but I don’t do readings on weekends or holidays

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Terms and Conditions:
* Please note that payment is required at the time of scheduling in order to confirm the appointment. Once payment has been received, we have a NO REFUND Cancellation Policy. Readings can be rescheduled if required, however a request for rescheduling must be received 24 hours in advance of your appointment.

* Given that psychic information provided through Gabrielle is often influenced by free will and personal interpretation, all sales are considered final. All readings, events and classes are conducted in English.

*Taxes to be added where applicable.

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