Internationally known Gabrielle Giet, Psychic Clairvoyant is a lady with an exceptional team of spirit guides. Her ‘team’ which is currently made up of four guides has given her access to specialized information which allowed Gabrielle to push the boundaries of psychic information. Her unique insight enables her to consult on many new and up and coming projects along with providing personal guidance through her readings.

Gabrielle comes from a long line of European psychics. During childhood and her early teens Gabrielle had clairvoyant experiences and constant déjà vu, but did not recognize them as being psychic information. However after a severe trauma while giving birth to her last child in 2003 her abilities increased with immediate, dramatic force. Shortly after, her first spirit guide Lucey made herself known to Gabrielle and her life was forever changed. Since then three more spirit guides, Myr, Pierre and “The Doctor” have arrived.

“I do not see myself with a gift or special in anyway. I see myself equal to everyone else, I just happen to have a better grip on an ability that we all have. Psychic is no different than the five other abilities we are all familiar with, we just didn’t grow up with same attention placed on developing it as the other ones. You know, they teach you to see the rose, smell the rose, touch the rose, made even taste the rose. No one says what does the rose ‘feel’ like?” ~ Gabrielle.

Although Gabrielle enjoys doing readings around the world, her passion is to educate people on their abilities. She believes, as many believe, that we are all in fact psychic to one degree or another. Gabrielle has worked very hard with her team to breakdown what ‘psychic’ is and has found the most basic way of explaining it.

“Psychic isn’t a magic trick, or some form of entertainment, it is who we are as humans. Every person is psychic to one degree or another and once you hear me explain it, you will understand.” ~Gabrielle.

“It’s funny, people over time have said, ‘if psychic ability is real, where is the benefit for humans?’ my answer is … me, I’m your benefit. Of course I do readings and help people on a one on one level, but I also do things that will improve us as species. Things like the medical bandage. The information for this living bio medical bandage, made of components from the human body was ‘given’ to me through psychic information. This bandage will push the medical world into a different direction entirely. It will allow us to heal our bodies the way we are supposed to heal. For the record, my personal medical knowledge was how to put a band aid on to a cut and kiss it better… not make living things out of human components.” ~Gabrielle.





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